Our new signing’s first interview

What should you know about Paolo Miranda? He is definitely an optimist. He says about himself: “If you really want to do something in life, no matter how little chance you have, you can never give up.” That is a motto that is reflected in every fibre of his body. The 1.85-metre tall central defender appears quiet, relaxed and considered, but just the distance between his shoulders makes a statement.

For two years, FC Red Bull Salzburg made sure they kept a firm eye on Miranda – and for good reason.

We are able to present the new signing a little more to you in his first interview as a Red Bull.

Two years ago you were also linked to FC Red Bull Salzburg. What is the reason that it didn’t work out at the first attempt, and how much excitement is there now?

I’m delighted, of course! Yes, the first discussions were back two years ago, and I was already very interested in coming to Salzburg at the time. My club at the time were set to compete in some important tournaments, however, and I was asked by the management to stay. I wanted to help the team; that’s why I stayed in Brazil. I am very pleased that Red Bull stuck with me and showed interest in me over such a long period. I know that it is not usually the case, and it is a real honour for me. Now I’m here and pleased that it has finally worked out.

Why did you decide to join FC Red Bull Salzburg and what would you like to achieve here?
First and foremost, I would like to fulfil the expectations placed on me here as best as I can. I know to really appreciate the possibilities that are presenting themselves for me here. Purely in the infrastructure for training and looking after the players, Red Bull Salzburg is on a top international level. I got the feeling that I can develop further here. I think that I will fit very well with the team, the playing philosophy and the Red Bull Salzburg recipe for success, and that I can help the team with my experience. I am very confident that this will happen.

You are going to play in Europe for the first time, but you will be one of the experienced players in the squad. What do you see as your strengths?  

With my football I would say that my strengths lie in my good passing, but as a defender also in covering and in forechecking, above all. I think that I can stand my ground with my body very well and also adjust well to a physical match. I have very high expectations of myself, and I would like to adapt to the level of the team as soon as possible. With my experience, I can also perhaps play a part in positively influencing a match. I will be like a warrior on the pitch and battle for a win.

Will your family come to Salzburg too?
There is absolutely nothing more important in my life than my family, and I couldn’t imagine to be away from my wife and my four-year-old son for a long time. My family will be coming to Salzburg with me.

Have you had time already to take a closer look at the city of Salzburg?
Unfortunately not. I have seen the stadium and the training centre, but the appointments I’ve had here so far have been so packed that I have not been able to take a closer look at the city yet. I’m looking forward already to getting to know the city and the culture in Austria.