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instructions – how does it work?

You can now get all the latest info about FC Red Bull Salzburg and its players on WhatsApp.

it is this easy:

  1. Install the WhatsApp application for free on your Smartphone. You can download it at the App Store (iPhones) or Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Save the telephone number from our WhatsApp Widget (on the right OR bottom of this page) as a contact under the name 'RBS' in your phone OR directly in WhatsApp.
  3. Write to the RBS contact!
  4. You will get a message with a link to register for all the categories you are interested in (RBS, Youth, Bullidikidz Club).
  5. Select a category and click 'save'.
  6. You are now registered for our WhatsApp Info.
  7. If you've had enough, simply send stop to unsubscribe.

our WhatsApp Widget

just click on it and enter the number shown in WhatsApp as a contact.

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