Top-class international level injury workshop

Dr. Kristian Thorborg brings our staff up-to-date with the very latest thinking

"you don't have to reinvent football. you can rethink it though." this phrase from our guiding principles inspired a top-class four-day workshop that took place at the  Red Bull football Academy last week.

Famous Danish lecturer Dr. Kristian Thorborg from the Department of Orthopedic Surgery of Copenhagen University Hospital presented the very latest scientific findings, which he himself has reviewed in-depth, along with nuggets from his personal experience. He told attendees about strategies in examining, differentiating, preventing and rehabilitating hip, groin and hamstring problems, which are of course very common in football yet complex and often critical. The aim was to transmit a better feeling of what treatments are best used in practice, which are more effective and which can better help injured players.

His words were listened to attentively by the physios and athletics coaches from our club, from the Red Bull Football Academy and our cooperation club FC Liefering in order to gain new insights into the assessing symptoms, detecting causes as well as training approaches to rehabilitate the problems.

The exchange of knowledge was of course accompanied by plenty of practical exercises to directly demonstrate things and put what was learned straight into practice. Every physio and athletics coach will go on to combine the knowledge gained with their own experiences in order to operate more effectively and add a personal touch to their treatment.

David Selbach one of our physios, said:

Such workshops are of immense importance for us. They help us to bring our own know-how to a higher level. We always try to improve the physical and footballing performance of our players and reduce their time on the sidelines. This exchange of knowledge with lecturers, who are the top authorities in their field, helps us enormously.

We will be hosting more workshops in the future on a select number of topics. This is the only way we can always stay right on top of latest developments and manage to think in new ways, while finding effective approaches to treatment to gain the optimal set-up.

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