Interesting facts and figures on the title win

the title is ours! once again. we want to use some views from yesterday to tell the story of our victory.

There were a tense couple of minutes after the final whistle sounded on our 3-0 win against Hartberg. Our entire squad assembled excitedly close to Fränky Schiemer's smartphone as we awaited news that the match in Linz had ended. When confirmation came in Fränky's trembling hands, endless joy was unleashed. Our men chatted happily in interviews about how the win came about.

BL-30: RBS vs. HTB

"We really deserved it"

Said Andre Ramalho. He was talking about the determined performances as we pulled together through adversity this season. We remember Jesse's words in the Jeder.Mann documentary: "Everyone asked - is this squad good enough?" After a lot of high profile departures, there were some doubts emerging last summer, even within our own ranks. Albert Vallci, Mo Camara, Masaya Okugawa were all unknown quantities at the start of the season, after all. To give them a chance in our first season in the Champions League was a brave move. That's what we are all about though. "Fortune favours the bold", says Jesse, and he is spot on! 

"the mentality is different"

said Jesse Marsch. The requirement to always win the title is often a large burden to bear. It would have been easy to start complaining about pressure at times or cite the fact of how young our players are or that they still need some time. We didn't want to do that though. FC Red Bull Salzburg is about winning. Excuses and tricks are for others, and we only need to have faith in ourselves.

"I'm staying here"

said Jesse Marsch to take the wind out of all the media speculation. There is no doubt that a lot of clubs would like to have our coach in charge. Jesse has unfinished business in Salzburg though. He wants to take the club to new places. He found time to praise his relationship with Christoph Freund and Stephan Reiter. Anyone who has such strong support behind them can certainly look ahead with confidence.

"Salzburg is the most awesome club in the world"

said Christoph Freund, not for the first time. As he might too. A club that invests so much faith in its homegrown players, takes over 3000 fans to Liverpool and gifts footballs to all amateur clubs in the local area during the lockdown is entitled, surely, to call itself that.

Seven-up for the serial champions - 9 images