Day 2: On your marks

Enock Mwepu gives us his personal insights from the training camp every day

Hey all!

So the long trip yesterday is behind us, and today we got onto the training pitch in Doha for the first time. It all went by pretty quickly yesterday, I have to say, although a big reason for that might be that I was sitting next to the funniest man in Salzburg, Musti [integration manager Mustapha Mesloub], on the plane.

I was feeling good when I woke up today. I had a chat with my friend and colleague Patson [Daka] about how the day was going to be. I prayed as usual and got to talk to my girlfriend and then went for a good breakfast. I then returned to the room and got ready for training.

The training pitches are a five-minute walk from the hotel, and I chatted some more on the way there with Patson about the hotel and the views we have. The training was relatively light in the morning as the coaches knew we'd be a little tired from the journey. We did some activation, then passing drills, then played 11-a-side for a bit before some shooting practice. 

We had lunch and then got to rest. Then my physio called me to have some therapy. After that came the afternoon session in the gym.

It was a really good day. I feel fit and good. If it continues like this I'm sure it'll be a successful training camp.

I'll write again tomorrow to keep you updated! Till then!

All the best,