Day 1: Travel to Bramberg

Patson Daka gives us his personal insights from the training camp every day

Hey everybody!

We started our summer training camp in Austria today, and as you might expect from us, we were busy right away!

After waking up and saying my morning prayers I went to meet up with the others at the Taxham training centre. We all had breakfast together - I had eggs on bread, which isn't exactly my favourite breakfast, but I had my usual cup of tea and stocked up on a bit of energy before the journey. We traveled in two buses over to Bramberg, which is a couple of hours from Salzburg. There was a change to the seating arrangements from last season as my usual travel buddy Hee Chan has gone [to Leipzig]. I asked Enock [Mwepu] if he wanted to come and sit next to me but he preferred to stay with Oumar [Solet]. Rasmus [Kristensen] then ended up joining me.

We arrived at the hotel around noon. You might not be too surprised to hear I'm sharing a room with Enock [Mwepu], who is just great to have around. After our arrival we had a very healthy lunch with beef and rice with vegetables plus fruits for dessert - there wasn't a cake in sight!

We then had a break before training, and as I was a bit tired after the journey I took a 30-minute power nap. After that I rested a bit more and prepared for training. We all took a bike to the training pitch, which was a great way to warm-up. Our training wasn't too intense today as we're only just getting back into things after our holidays. After stretching we had a rondo, followed by some sprints. We then had a four-team tournament in the main session. Disappointingly, my team ended up second - I was with Rasmus [Kristensen], Masaya [Okugawa], Luka [Sucic], Jerome [Onguene] and Fränky [Schiemer]. We took four points in three matches, just behind the winners with six points, who included Enock, the lucky guy!

After training we did some finishing practice, trying to bring back the feeling of scoring again. It was so much fun doing what we love to do, and Jesse had to practically drag us off pitch so that we have some energy for tomorrow. After a shower and a dinner we had a team meeting looking at what we did well last season and where we can improve - the coaches have a lot of plans for us, I can tell you!

There's lots for us to get working on in the rest of the camp, starting tomorrow. I'll write again to you tomorrow to tell you how it went.

All the best!