There when it counts again

Finding the extra gear

Clutch down, change gear and then floor the pedal. Our ability to step up when we need to is taking us hurtling towards our eighth title in a row. The fact that we have been able to prove this year after year speaks for itself.

further confirmation if needed

Whichever way you want to look at it, the fact the points were halved adds tension to the Tipico Bundesliga. That's the way it should be. All neutral fans want a close title race, and becoming champions is that much sweeter when your side has banished doubts late in the season. It's only logical that when we have a dip of form or the table narrows before the champions group that the dominance of our boys is called into question. The answer to this question needs no explaining, however, as you only have to look at our sensational play.

Every team looks strong until they have to play FC Red Bull Salzburg. This principle of Austrian football is in operation again this spring. With a 3-1 win against Sturm at the start of the champions group followed by a 3-0 victory over Rapid. We become truly dominant when we need to.

BL-24: SCR vs. RBS

Statistics to scare the life out of our opponents

Never since records began have Rapid hit fewer shots in an Austrian Bundesliga match. They had three in total, without a single shot going on goal. As a reminder - we were away at our closest rivals in the title race. There was plenty of speculation that the Viennese could knock us off our perch. That didn't happen, not by quite some distance.

Karim Adeyemi scored the first Austrian Bundesliga brace of his career, netting twice in two stoppage-time minutes. It's worth mentioning that the kid hasn't once played the full 90 minutes of a game for us. 

We have won 19 of our 24 games in the Tipico Bundesliga in the current season. We therefore have matched our record from 2018/19. Only one team in history has enjoyed a better record at this stage of the season - Austria Vienna taking 20 wins in their first 24 matches of 1985/96.

In the context of our matches to come, there is one statistic that has been highlighted ahead of all else. We have a seven-point lead over Rapid and eight over LASK, the next title contenders we face. With eight matches remaining, the road to the title is clear if we can continue our excellent form.

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