They call him The Computer

Enock Mwepu in our Pressing Questions podcast

It's a journey that began right from the bottom. Enock Mwepu took the time to talk us through his story once again. He tells us in the comeback episode of Pressing Questions how he became a national hero, why he almost became a journalist and that he could go into politics after his football career.

Enock only has good words to say about his bro Patson Daka. He had a part to play in Enock coming to Salzburg in the first place, after all:

When Patson got here he told everyone in the club that they should scout The Computer [Enock's nickname]. That's how my talent got recognised, and I was able to join him half a year later.

Zambia was a place of hard training that could be brutal at times. That prepared Enock well, but the level in Europe is completely different:

When I arrived in Salzburg, I knew nothing about professional football. I had to learn how to properly train, to eat well and behave like a pro. Salzburg gave me everything.

If it wasn't for his incredible footballing ability, Enock may have begun to work as a journalist. After he hangs up his boots, he has other ambitions though:

I have big plans after my playing career. There isn't always good news when it comes to African politics. I would therefore like to get involved in politics after football.


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