Emotional end to our first season in women's football

U16w seal brilliant tournament win in Prague

Our first season in women's football is approaching an end, and it has been a roaring success! There is still one more round of fixtures in the U14 first Salzburg Sparkassenliga, and our girls in fifth place have certainly impressed against the boys' teams there, as our head of women's football Bernd Winkler confirms: "It was an exciting year for everyone involved, as we found out loads of new things for the development of our players. We are very pleased with the performances of our girls, but we still see lots of potential for further development." 

The highlight of the season was without doubt our U16w winning the Slavia Girls Cups against top international opponents. 


"The big highlights of the first season were definitely the international tournaments in Spain, Tyrol and Prague. Beating Bayern Munich in the final made it a brilliant experience for all involved. All in all it showed we have to keep working hard and take it step by step," said Winkler.

The team will be taking the next step next season, with our girls moving into Rif as their new training base – as from 2024/25 we are to have two women's teams. Bernd Winkler has explained the plan: "We are founding a U20 team that will compete in the women's Future League against other Austrian teams. That will mostly consist of girls currently on our U16w team. We are also looking forward to our new training base in Rif. We are planning trials for the 2010 and 2011 age groups from September in order to prepare our U16w team for 2025/26. There is a lot going on in the women's division, and we can definitely look forward to what the future brings!"