Young Bulls beaten by clever Sevilla youngsters

FC Sevilla U19 2-0 FC Salzburg U19 (H/T:2-0). Goalscorers: Fernandez Gomez (35'), Zarzana (45+1')

Our Young Bulls were unable to beat Sevilla U19 and are left without points after their start to the Youth League group stage.

match summary

In the neat, if small, Estadio Jesus Navas, our boys locked horns with the FC Sevilla youngsters. Both teams had plenty of the play in the starting phase, even though they had clearly contrasting styles. The Young Bulls had much more physical presence, but Sevilla were a threat with their lively strikers. The play got more intensive by the minute. Roko Simic troubled the Spanish defence with his physical playing style. He and Raphael Hofer both went close around the 10-minute mark.

Our youngsters were fully on the hunt for goals, as they rained the shots in from all angles. Havel was unable to take the ball around the keeper, and Kameri had a go from distance. It remained goalless after 30 minutes, however. Sevilla were yet to record a shot on goal at this stage - but their first shot made the breakthrough. A ball was played across right into the feet of Fernandez Gomez, who was found exactly in the sweet spot between our defenders. He guided the ball coolly past Stejskal for a lead that the hosts could hardly claim to have deserved (35').

The goal completely changed the dynamics. We looked on in shock as the opponents let the ball run around just as they liked to. As was the case in the first goal, the Spaniards suddenly burst down the left and passed the ball into the middle, where Zarzana was unmarked at the far post and turned in (45+1').

UYL: SEV vs. SAL - 9 images

The Spaniards really showed just how much they can control the play in the second half. At the start of the second period, the hosts coolly circulated the ball around. Every time they lost it, dramatics and a free-kick seemed to result. You got the impression that there was no way back.

The minutes kept on ticking down. No matter what Rene Aufhauser tried in terms of a more attacking set-up, wing play or substitutions, there was no change to the tone of the difficult second half from our perspective. There was no shot on goal in the second half until the 82nd minute. Roko Simic threatened once for us. There was no avoiding the defeat. A difficult start for the Young Bulls was complete, but with five more matches in the group stage, there is plenty of time left to make up for it.


Rene Aufhauser:

We made a good start. We had a few chances in the first 20 minutes that we didn't use, unfortunately. As it went on, we were too passive, which gave Sevilla the chance to be more comfortable. It's a shame that we conceded the second goal so shortly before the break. In the second half it was hardly a football match anymore, there were so many interruptions. Nonetheless the boys gave everything. You can't fault them today.

facts & Figures

Line-up: Stejskal – Atiabou, Wallner, Okoh, Böckle – Omoregie, Sahin (61' Schiestl) – Havel (61' Crescenti), Kameri, Hofer (69' Reischl) – Simic
Yellow cards: Omoregie (50' foul), Simic (90+9' unsporting behaviour)
Referee: Peter Kralovic (SVK)