Samson Baidoo and Leandro Morgalla fan Q&A

Fan questions answered at training camp

In Samson Baidoo and Leandro Morgalla, we have been lucky to have two young defenders who were outstanding this autumn. We used a free afternoon on our training camp in Marbella to give you the opportunity to ask questions via our Instagram Story.

All the best answers from our boys to the fan Q&A today are summarised below.

Fan Q&A with Samson Baidoo and Leandro Morgalla


How well have you settled into the team, Leo?

Morgalla: "I feel really happy here. I've been in Salzburg for close to half a year by now, after all. My team-mates made things really easy for me, and everything has gone fantastically so far!"

Who is the fastest of the two of you?

Baidoo: "It's a difficult question, but I think Leo is the faster one of us. We are both pretty quick, but Leo is a bit more explosive over the first few metres."

How are you spending the evenings at the training camp?

Morgalla: "The evenings have all been really relaxing for me, as we have tough training sessions during the day. I am spending the free time mostly on the Netflix series I am watching now, and I am going to sleep quite early."

Baidoo: "It's quite similar for me. After dinner, we have a massage from the physios sometimes, then I watch a series for a bit, and then I tend to go to bed."

Who are you rooming with? Were you allowed to choose your own roommate?

Morgalla: "We were allocated rooms in advance. I'm sharing with Jonas Krumrey …"

Baidoo: " … for me it's Dijon Kameri."


Do you have any tips on how to become a professional?

Morgalla: "It is difficult to give a really specific tip. The most important thing is always giving your absolute all, always believing in yourself and putting everything in every day."

Baidoo: "As Leo said so well, it's important that you give 100 percent in every training session and match, no matter if it's an easy or a difficult session. You have to be fully concentrated for every single exercise, even if it's strength training or stretching!"

Who was your favourite player as a child, and who is it now?

Morgalla: "I was always a big Messi fan, but the older you get, the more you focus on your own position. For a defender it has to be Sergio Ramos."

Baidoo: "That's similar for me. As a child, Lionel Messi was my idol. Later I looked up to players in my position like Antonio Rรผdiger and Virgil van Dijk."


What do you reckon Sammy: will Ghana beat Egypt at the AFCON?

Baidoo: "That's a good question - I think so! Even though Ghana were not that convincing in the first match, I think that they will beat Egypt tomorrow."

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