The following guidelines currently apply in association with the awarding of media accreditation for FC Red Bull Salzburg home matches:

General information:

  • Accreditation requests are to be made via the FC Red Bull Salzburg website.

  • Requests for match day accreditations for Austrian Bundesliga and Cup matches must be made 48 hours before kick-off, at the latest.

  • Accreditation requests for matches in UEFA competitions must be made five days before the day of the match, at the latest.
  • Along with individual match accreditation, FC Red Bull Salzburg season accreditation is also valid for matches in Austrian competitions.
  • Responses to match day accreditation requests can only be made after the deadline for requests has passed.


  • Media accreditation can be collected from two hours 30 minutes before kick-off at the press counter of the Red Bull Arena (West entrance I).
  • In order to collect media accreditation, photo ID must be presented.
  • If accreditations granted are not collected without notification and providing a plausible reason, future accreditation requests may not be considered.
  • You can enter the stadium from two hours and 30 minutes before kick off.
  • Entrance to the media area of the Red Bull Arena is via Tower A (West), West Entrance I or via the stairwell in the Upper West Tier.
  • Mixed zones after matches will be held on UG2 in the underground car park (stairwell exit).
  • The press conference room is located on UG 1 (stairwell exit) and is open from the end of the match.

Information for photographers

  • Entrance to the pitch is only possible via the 102 (South) and 109 (North) stairs.
  • The work areas at pitchside (in Bundesliga and Cup matches) are located behind the goals as well as on the East Side of the Red Bull Arena (behind the LED boards).
  • Entering the west side (with coaching zones) is not permitted at any time.
  • Laptop work stations for photographers are available in the media area of the Red Bull Arena.


Media car park

Media parking spaces are found at the P-Stadion car park (VIP and media) on the side of Schloss Kleßheim. Access permissions are to be applied for at

Media area

The media area is accessed via West Entrance I or via the stairwell (with the lift or via stairs) in the Upper West Tier.

Internet in the stadium

There is a WiFi connection available on the media stand as well as in the media/stadium rooms. The latest access details will be given to you individually.

Should you have additional technological requirements, please make your request to us in good time so we can react to it accordingly.


Along with regular media information, there are free photo and audio services available to members of the media.

Media Services