Vitor's diary: A big thank you and a bike accident

Our assistant coach provides exclusive insights from our training camp

Our assistant coach Vitor Matos is using a diary to provide glimpses behind the scenes of our training camp in Saalfelden.

In his second diary entry, the 36-year-old from Portugal, who came to Salzburg from Liverpool this summer along with Pep Lijnders, describes how he would like to excite people with football and how an amusing accident of a colleague made for a few laughs. 

Tuesday 9 July 2024

Dear FC Red Bull Salzburg fans,

We had the first double session of the training camp today, and that meant… it was full on for everyone! I have to start by paying tribute to all of them - the medical department, fitness department, nutritionist, team manager, media, kit man, analysts, technical staff - what a brilliant job you are all doing! You are all so committed, front footed, pro-active and work with togetherness.

Pep calls you “the team behind the team” and that says it all. You make it possible for us coaches to just focus on the training sessions and on the development of the team, and that makes it all much easier. A big thank you is due to all of you!


As to the training today: after yesterday's session, we wanted to keep developing our offensive dynamics in a more complex context. We therefore used a 10v7+3 game (these extra three players only become involved when the seven recover possession of the ball).

We want the players to have freedom within our collective idea. We want that creativity and freedom to give colour to our way of playing, we want to play football that excites with the energy, passion and also with the creativity of the players! We need to be responsible for developing our sport, and these elements of creativity, magic, dreams, imagination and passion have a big part in interesting people in football.

Another highlight of the morning along with the training session involved Pedro, our goalkeeper coach. You will probably see it on social media, but I will tell you now - he fell off his bike on the way to the training pitch and into the bushes!!! What a moment!! He is not the best bike rider as you will see… but he is completely fine!

In the second session in the afternoon, we had rondos and finishing, a classic!! We had lots of variations, combinations and counter pressing. There are no recipes for success in football, you just have to do what you believe in and be passionate about it.

Des is Soizburg! That is our way!

Until tomorrow,
Vitor Matos

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