Interview with general manager Stephan Reiter on PUMA deal

Background to our change of kit supplier

As of the 2024/25 season, our new kit supplier will officially be PUMA. The long-term partnership with the world-famous German brand will have a big impact - and our general manager Stephan Reiter has explained in a conversation what processes were considered, the decisive criteria, and what we can expect in future.

Stephan Reiter interview after PUMA kit deal

What is the importance of the new partnership for our club?

"A change of kit supplier is very significant for a club of our size. On the one hand, you need a long lead time, and you also need trust between the partners. The aim is generally to have long-term agreements, as changing supplier is extremely complex.


In the clothing and sports gear area you need a lead time of at least 12 months to prepare top-quality kits that really suit a club, and the branding in the entire stadium is also affected. With regard to all our partners, a kit supply deal is definitely one of the most complex agreements you can enter as a club."

What criteria were decisive in the end for a change to PUMA?

"You don't have to spend long explaining the benefits of PUMA as a brand. It is a strong brand that has been prominent in football for decades, and it has been a professional partner of numerous top clubs across the world and many athletes. An important element in our decision was geographical proximity. As PUMA has a branch here in Salzburg, we have the opportunity to work even closer together and discuss things."

What other details and key points were there in working out this kind of partnership?

"It is difficult to point to any one thing in particular, but in the agreement with the kit supplier, you have to consider merchandising, our business and the team in addition to the kit and design process. We have been working here together with our co-operation partners, the Red Bull Football Academy and FC Liefering, who are also changing suppliers. The entire planning was therefore even more detailed as a consequence."

You will see in the jersey launch soon that there is a big difference to the past. 

Stephan Reiter

How far is the process of kit design changing?

"The proximity here in Salzburg to PUMA headquarters in Herzogenaurach, just over the German border, was a huge help in the design process that allowed us to get our philosophy and identity reflected in the design, and PUMA is also able to contribute ideas and huge experience. You will see in the jersey launch soon that there is a big difference to the past. We had great kits before, no question about it, but in terms of bringing in our guiding principles and outlook, we will have new opportunities now.


We used to work mainly with templates that we refined ourselves internally with partners. The process is different with PUMA. We design the entire kit together from start to finish and can better ensure its uniqueness. Whether it comes to colour, layout or the use of particular patterns, we have more room to play with than previously. That is an advantage that generally only the biggest clubs in the world have due to their sales figures.

We are therefore really proud to have this opportunity with PUMA."

What can our fans expect and how will PUMA support us in merchandising?

"We can expect a few things. From the training gear to the match kit, we can expect a lot of great and unique items, which PUMA has contributed great designs to. We are pleased, for instance, to offer our jerseys in women's sizes for the first time from next season.

On top of that, PUMA is simply a world-famous brand with an incredible retail know-how, which will help us a lot. We have been in close discussion on this aspect, and we have redesigned our Bullshop and given it a new focus."

The kit will contain elements of the Red Bull Arena – I can reveal that much!

Stephan Reiter

What can you tell the fans about the new home jersey, which is going to be unveiled soon? How much excitement is there ahead of their first use in a match?

"We just can't wait to launch the home kit together in our first friendly match. The match won't be played at our stadium, but the jersey will contain elements of the Red Bull Arena – I can reveal that much!"