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Pilot project in Champions League

Something of the kind has never been seen before in the UEFA Champions League - in co-operation with Sky Sport Austria we implemented a unique pilot project in our home match against Benfica by using Jersey Cams in a TV broadcast of Europe's best football competition showing things from a Point of View perspective - in real time!

Alex Schlager and Amar Dedic were equipped with specially made vests for their warm-up, which included cushioned cameras at chest height - which were designed not to affect our players' movements. 

Spectators therefore got unique live impressions of the warm-up from our Red Bulls' perspective. Fans at the stadium were able to see the results on our giant Vidiwalls. You can see them too in this clip:

We successfully tested POV camera technology in a friendly match against Inter Milan in the summer to bring fans closer to the proceedings - albeit it wasn't broadcast live then.

With the support of Sky Sport Austria, we have managed to become the first football club in Europe to take the next step and set a new standard in media.