Day 1 | Inni in sprint battle with Benji and a great reception

The heat is on

The heat is quite literally on as our pre-season continues. After the boys moved into their rooms in Bramberg yesterday, the sweat was flowing today in temperatures of up to 30 degrees on the first day of training. Numerous fans assembled to give our Red Bulls a great reception, and our boys responded with autographs and selfies.

It is the first training camp for our right-back Ignace Van der Brempt, who joined the team last winter. We asked him to give us a small insight into day 1:

I am sharing my room with Kamil Piatkowski –who is a really good roommate - and we managed to get a really cool penthouse when the rooms were allocated yesterday. It was a tough day, we did a lot of different things both on the pitch in the morning and in the gym in the afternoon.


I was with a group there with Junior Adamu, Fernando, Benji Sesko, Oumar Solet and Nico Capaldo. We did a short sprint race that Benji won. I lost a shoe, unfortunately, and my chances of winning went with that. The day was definitely a lot of fun though!

Ignace Van der Brempt

Two more training sessions are scheduled for Monday, before our second pre-season friendly is played on Tuesday. A video summary of Day 1 with views from Matthias Jaissle, Andreas Ulmer and Christoph Freund can be seen here: 

Day 1 at the training camp

Playstation, books or board games? What do our boys take to a training camp like this? We were able to watch Philipp Köhn and his four-legged friend Sam packing at home before the camp. You can see in the video what our goalie took along and whether his Golden Retriever fit in the case: