Champions League packages and tickets on open sale

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After our sensational start to the UEFA Champions League group stage, we now have our first home match ahead. The first of three magical nights of football in Salzburg awaits on Tuesday 3 October against Real Sociedad (kick-off at 18:45 CEST)!

After the first sales phase and our side's brilliant performance at Benfica on the first match day - there is huge excitement ahead of our home clashes with stars like World Cup winners Angel Di Maria and Lautaro Martinez! Over 25,000 tickets have already been sold! Tickets for our home matches remain on sale in the form of three-match packages with a discount of around 30 percent per match compared to the sale of individual tickets – which are on open sale for our clash with Real Sociedad.

Info on individual ticket sales for our home encounters with Inter Milan and Benfica will follow later.

Tickets can be easily purchased online in our Ticket Shop. Ticket sharing is available for UEFA Champions League packages and also for individual matches.

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VIP packages in the ServusTV lounge at the east side are available here:

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Prices and categories


Three-match packages

East/West Upper Tier

Full price 230–
Reduced price 185–
Children's price 95–

East/West Lower Tier

Full price 205–
Reduced price 165–
Children's price 85–

North/South/Curves Lower Tier

Full price 190–
Reduced price 150–
Children's price 80–

South/Curves-Lower Tier

Full price 160–
Reduced price 130–
Children's price 65–

Bullidikidz Curve

Full price 130–
Reduced price 105–
Children's price 45–
Family ticket N/A

North Curve Salzburg (Fan sector – standing)

Full price 105–
Reduced price 85–
Teenscard 70–
Children's price


Individual tickets

East/West Upper Tier

Full price 88–
Reduced price 71–
Children's price 36–

East/West Lower Tier

Full price 79–
Reduced price 63–
Children's price 33–

North/South/Curves Upper Tier

Full price 73–
Reduced price 58–
Children's price 31–

South/Curves Lower Tier

Full price 61–
Reduced price 50–
Children's price 25–

Bullidikidz Curve

Full price 50–
Reduced price 40–
Children's price 17–
Family ticket N/A

North Curve Salzburg (Fan sector – standing)

Full price 40–
Reduced price 33–
Teenscard 27–
Children's price 13–

All prices are in Euro and include taxes - but do not include season-ticket discounts.

Reduced price: For schoolchildren, apprentices, students, pensioners, military recruits and those performing community-based national service, youngsters (aged 14 to 17 included) and disabled people
Teenscard/Youth Ticket: For those aged 14 to 17, valid only in the North Curve Salzburg
Children's price: Valid from the age of 6 to 13

For reduced tickets and children's tickets, ID must be shown on entering the stadium!

Overview of our Champions League fixtures


  • 2nd matchday: FC Salzburg vs. Real Sociedad
    Tuesday 3 October at 18:45 CEST | Stadion Salzburg
  • 3rd matchday: Inter Milan vs. FC Salzburg
    Tuesday 24 October at 18:45 CEST | Stadio San Siro
  • 4th matchday: FC Salzburg vs. Inter Milan
    Wednesday 8 November at 21:00 CEST | Stadion Salzburg
  • 5th matchday: Real Sociedad vs. FC Salzburg
    Wednesday 29 November at 21:00 CEST | REALE ARENA
  • 6th matchday: FC Salzburg vs. SL Benfica
    Tuesday 12 December at 21:00 CEST | Stadion Salzburg


Youth League: FC Salzburg vs. Real Sociedad