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Stadium rules

  1. Upon entering the stadium, visitors agree to be bound by the stadium rules.
  2. Instructions of all security staff, police, firefighters and stewards are to be followed.
  3. Discounted tickets and children's tickets can only be transferred to a person in the same or a lower-priced category (ID must be shown).
  4. Entrance tickets lose validity once you have entered the stadium.
  5. Entrance to the stadium with dangerous items (or potentially dangerous items) of any kind is forbidden (see notice at entrances). Security staff and stewards are entitled to check clothing worn or bags upon entrance to the stadium and confiscate forbidden objects.
  6. On days of events, it is strictly forbidden for the duration of the event and for two hours afterwards to fly drones or similar aerial devices over the stadium or the entire stadium grounds. It is also forbidden to take drones or other aerial devices into the stadium.
  7. It is forbidden to linger around stairwells and escape routes or climb over and stay on fences or barriers.
  8. The smoking of cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, pipes, cigars or cigarillos is only allowed in specially designated zones, and smoking is forbidden on all stands in the stadium.
  9. People who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs, who don't follow the stadium rules or the requirements of the Salzburg Event Act (Salzburger Veranstaltungsgesetz) or behave suspiciously in any other way may be denied entry to the stadium or expelled from the stadium (without an entitlement to a refund).  
  10. Distributing advertising material, setting up sales stands or attaching placards in the stadium or the stadium grounds and car park is only permitted upon prior written agreement and payment.
  11. Upon entering the stadium, a visitor agrees that any representations of them in image or sound can be used in any way and at any time without compensation using current or future technology.
  12. People subject to a stadium ban are not permitted to enter the stadium. A violation of this will lead to legal consequences. Police are also entitled to expel people subject to stadium bans from any established event areas. 
  13. In the stadium, the collection and/or transmission, production or distribution of any kind of information or data on the match, match events or other factors as well as any kind of gathering of audio, video or audiovisual material from the game (be that through the use of electronic devices or other means) for the purpose of betting, gambling or other commercial activities that have not been agreed in advance or contravene the general terms and conditions are strictly forbidden unless expressly agreed in advance by FC Red Bull Salzburg and the Austrian Football Bundesliga. Mobile devices may only be used for personal and private reasons. Should these terms and conditions be violated, visitors are to indemnify FC Red Bull Salzburg for any damages resulting, in particular if the exclusive rights of third parties are violated, which the ÖFBL and FC Red Bull Salzburg are liable to comply with.
  14. The security guidelines of the Austrian Football Bundesliga and ÖFB/UEFA/FIFA apply to football matches. Organisers expressly reserve the right to indemnify and hold harmless visitors that cause damage to the infrastructure or infringe the Austrian Bundesliga, ÖFB, UEFA and/or FIFA with their behviour.

Permitted objects

  • Rucksacks (after they are searched by security staff)
  • Mini umbrellas (NOT FULL SIZE!)
  • Working phones
  • Cameras, film and video cameras with batteries (NO TRIPODS!)
  • Canes for the blind, walking aids
  • Key chains, wallet chains
  • Medication (also syringes and glass containers if proof of illness shown)
  • Flag poles up to 1.3 m and diameter of less than 2 cm

Forbidden items

Visitors are prohibited from taking objects of any kind that could be thrown or shot onto the field or into other areas of the stadium, or which could otherwise disrupt or endanger the peace, order and security of the stadium. This applies, in particular, to the following:

  • Weapon-like items, knives, pepper spray
  • Pyrotechnic items of any kind
  • Flage poles longer than 130 cm or with a diameter of over 2 cm (apart from in fan blocks)
  • Umbrellas (mini umbrellas allowed)
  • Gas horns, horns, laser pointers, balaclavas
  • Professional photo or video cameras, tripods
  • Stickers, any kind of promotional material, paper, cardboard
  • Animals of any kind
  • Drinks/drink containers of any kind
  • Food/food containers of any kind
  • Cosmetic items of any kind
  • Prams, bicycles, helmets


All visitors can use storage spaces to deposit or collect forbidden items at entrances (from when the stadium opens to 30 minutes after the final whistle).

Lost & Found at the Red Bull Arena

Did you lose something at an FC Red Bull Salzburg home match? No problem, we collect all items found in our locked depots and would be delighted to return them on your request. Items not collected are transferred once per month to the lost property office in Wals bei Salzburg (at the municipal council).

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