Fabio Özelt called up for new Austrian eFootball national team

Training camp ahead of FIFA eNations Cup Qualifier

Last weekend, the newly established Austrian eFootball national team met up to train together in Klagenfurt around the UNIQA ÖFB Cup final. Taking part was our eSports pro Fabio Özelt (FAOETNATION), who is therefore a founding part of Austria's FIFA 22 elite. The three-person Austria team is completed for two former players of ours. Maxi Mayrhofer was part of our team that won the eBundesliga in 2019/20, while Ajdin Islamovic played for us in the last eBundesliga season.

We already know one another in the scene, but it was still great to come together as a team. To be able to represent my country as an eSportsperson makes me incredibly proud!


The three boys face their first big challenge around two weeks from now. On 19 May, Özelt & Co will take part in a qualifying tournament for the FIFAe Nations Cup

Upcoming dates for the Austrian eFootball national team

  • 12 and 13 May: Online warm-up tournament with Poland, Moldova, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Belgium (2 vs 2) 
  • 19 to 21 May: FIFAe Nations Qualifier 22 EUROPE, Group A with Portugal, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Ukraine, Serbia
  • 16 to 19 June: FIFAe Nations Playoffs 22 EUROPE (if qualified)
  • 27 to 30 July: FIFAe Nations Cup 22 in Copenhagen (if qualified)