Sneak preview - the FIFA 23 ratings of our boys

A few upgrades and room to improve

It's finally time next week for FIFA 23 to be released. Our boys can barely wait to get the chance to play with their virtual doubles, and they eagerly awaited their ratings this year. After our Austrian double win and our strong performances in the Champions League, a few of our boys have gained a deserved upgrade, although we reckon the makers of the game could have been much more generous in many cases. Here is an overview of the ratings: 


Our top 3 are Nici Seiwald, Noah Okafor and Max Wöber, who with a combined rating of 75 have all got gold cards for the first time. Seiwald has gained a good five points over the past year. EA Sports has not yet created our newcomers Dijon Kameri and Samson Baidoo, but we hope this will change soon. There is certainly no shortage of growth potential in career mode among our talents' digital equivalents. You can see the rest of our 23-man FIFA squad here:


Particularly proud was Noah Okafor with his speed rating of 93, after he had quite rightly complained about his rating being too low last year. Our coach Matthias Jaissle presented him a card with his FIFA 23 rating in person and used the opportunity to go through the rest of the Red Bulls' ratings. You can see the reactions of our team in the video here:

On Tuesday 27 September, the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 will be released, allowing you to play with our boys for the first time since the new ratings were made. A few days later, on Friday 30 September, the standard version will be released.