Fast Forward: Our 2022/23 home kit

We are looking ahead

Just 17 days remain before we start the new Austrian Bundesliga season with our season opener v FK Austria Vienna on Friday 22 July at 20:30 CET. Our appetite for success has not yet been sated despite nine league titles in a row. We are always looking ahead, as the mission to secure our next titles is always our top priority!

Our powerful attacking football is now reflected in our home kit, which is available online now and at our stadium.

Im Video: Das steckt hinter unserem neuen Heimtrikot

Together with our kit provider Nike, we have included the Fast Forward motto in our new look. The boost arrows are all pointing in one direction - as we put everything forward! That helps to underline our playing philosophy, as our sporting director Christoph Freund explains:

'Fast Forward' is an exact fit to the way in which we view football. We always try to take the direct route forward, we want to play brave transition football and get into scoring positions as fast as possible. A lot of power and energy is needed for that. We want to perform in a young and dynamic manner.


Of course our philosophy is not automatically the right one for every club. Every team has to find their own approach, and they may also gain success in other ways. We are totally convinced of our way though!


We look for the ideal players who have what it takes to play this intensive and nonconformist style of football, who are fast with their feet and their head, and perform bravely and courageously on the pitch.


We will remain loyal to our way of playing football in the future too, and continue to develop as best as we can to continue playing exciting and successful football here in Salzburg.

Christoph Freund

With our Fast Forward playing philosophy we are aiming to create more memorable moments soon at the Red Bull Arena. Our new home kit will have its premiere this week in a friendly match against Feyenoord on Saturday 9 July at 14:30 CET in Anif.