Social Media milestone - 2 million fans!

Following doubles in less than two years

We are operating at full throttle on the pitch and off it. We recently set a major new milestone - we now have over two million fans on our various Social Media platforms!

Doubled since the end of 2021

It was in December 2021 when we reached the million-follower mark on TikTok, Facebook & Co as our fans hit the subscribe button in their droves to follow the daily going-ons at our club. In less than two years we have managed to double that incredible mark.

Hilarious league moment breaks records

In the recent past, our TikTok channel has been the biggest driver of our social media growth, registering an increase of 652,100 followers over the past year, or 216%! It is not just the glamour of UEFA Champions League nights that evokes interest, with our most successful clip over the past year being a bizarre situation in an ADMIRAL Bundesliga game v Wolfsberg AC that reached 42.8 million views - more than we ever managed previously!


Something straight out of Tom and Jerry 💀

♬ original sound - fcredbullsalzburg

Also on Instagram, our international Twitter/X channels and all other platforms we have registered a big plus. We recently added a WhatsApp news channel too, which has already seen over 37,900 Salzburg fans register. 

Bundesliga champions on and off the pitch

Our digital success has not gone unnoticed. Leading Social Media market research company BuzzValue crowned us Austrian Social Media champions in 2022/23. Our posts achieved a combined engagement of 13.9 million interactions last season - more than all the other Austrian Bundesliga clubs put together!

BuzzValue: Salzburg also Social Media champions


Our Social Media Follower table

  1. Tiktok: 952,800
  2. Facebook: 483,645
  3. Instagram: 355,977
  4. Twitter: 104,869
  5. YouTube: 64,200
  6. WhatsApp: 37,900
  7. LinkedIn: 7,555

As of: 17 Oktober 2023