5 theories on the Football of Tomorrow

Christoph Freund talks through some scenarios

This article appeared in its original German version in a special magazine to mark our 10th consecutive Austrian Bundesliga title. The entire magazine is available for free at the Bullshop in the Red Bull Arena.

Our here and now is about laying the foundations for success in the future. We posed five clear theories on the future to Christoph Freund. You can read what our sporting director had to say here:

1. We will have the youngest squad in the UEFA Champions League again next season.

There is a very high probability that this will be the case again. That's our philosophy, our conviction and our route to success. Above all, it is the reason we've always made it into the UEFA Champions League in the past few seasons. I am pleased that we will have a squad again capable of competing in the elite competition in European football.

2. The next Nici Seiwald is already playing at the Red Bull Football Academy.

There are a lot of good kids at the academy. Whether one of them makes it to the top like Nici depends on a lot of details - like staying clear of injury and being there when called on. Dijon Kameri has shown the kind of potential he has, and he has been with us since he was seven.

3. The Austrian national team with several Red Bulls will make the knockout stage of Euro 2024.

That would be a dream for Austrian football - to qualify and then go far in the tournament. It makes us proud that a lot of young players who developed with us could be there. It would be an incredible story - a successful European championship over the border in Germany with lots of our Red Bulls taking part.

4. We will change the shape of Austrian football over the next decade too.

I don't know whether we will win practically every title in the next ten years. We will definitely continue to follow our own path - with our knowledge, our staff and supported by our fans. I think we have a good chance.

5. The Football of Tomorrow will continue to be defined by pressing, tempo and direct play.

Those are the characteristics that define our football. If you look around the world, you can see how important the physical element is as well as speed, vertical play and transitions. Football is continuing to develop and so are we.