Thanks for the TOP PARTY!

Still buzzing today

What was the score? Doesn't matter. How was the season? Legendary! We could not possibly have celebrated the 2021/22 season in a more fitting manner. The day afterwards, the emotions, the impressions and the sheer joy as we were able to celebrate together for the first time in over two years, are just still bouncing around.


Thousands of fans stormed on the nearby Casino Salzburg after the final whistle and the trophy presentation, converting the square in front of the building into Salzburg's biggest dancefloor. The weather defied forecasts to remain fit for the occasion, with the heat helping to keep the drink flowing. It's impossible to say what the biggest highlight was… the team's arrival in an Audi convoy? The emotional farewell for Sladdi & Co.? DJ Seiwald? 

It was a more than worthy way to bid farewell to a historic season. We would therefore like to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who has supported us! Thank you for your support. Whether in the Austrian Bundesliga, Cup or UEFA Champions League – you drove us on to these successes and we have to celebrate together!

The best images of the title party are here: