Gerhard Struber a guest on the LEADERTALK Podcast

Our coach talks about his route to the dugout

This generation is interested, this generation wants success, wants to achieve its aims and take the steps they need.

Gerhard Struber

Ten years ago, Gerhard Struber was coaching his hometown club in Kuchl in his spare time when they faced our Red Bulls in a friendly match. Kuchl did so well that a watching Ralf Rangnick made contact with Struber and convinced him to give up his job at an insurance company to take a coaching job at the Red Bull Football Academy. In the latest episode of the LEADERTALK Podcast, our head coach talks about the reasons he made the move and his career since.

"Not everyone could understand it," said Struber. "I went with my gut instinct, but also became convinced by Ralf Rangnick. He is a coach who has incredible enthusiasm for what he does. That impressed me. He was a big influence on my path."

{"titleEn":"FC Salzburg Training Session","description":"SALZBURG, AUSTRIA - OCTOBER 20: Coach Gerhard Struber of FC Red Bull Salzburg during a training session on October 20, 2023 in Salzburg, Austria. \rPhoto by Andreas Schaad - FC Red Bull Salzburg\r \r\r","tags":null,"focusX":0.0,"focusY":0.0}

Gerhard Struber tells author and business coach Mounir Zitouni what he particularly values in his 'discoverer', why the USA suited his temperament so well, what is so appealing to him here in Salzburg and how he copes with working under pressure in the latest edition of the LEADERTALK Podcast.

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