Have a beer on the champions on Saturday

End of season at Red Bull Arena

We were not able to celebrate together last year, and the free beer from our Stiegl beer barometer could only be delivered at home in crates – but now we can do it again in person.

We've done the maths and our 45 goals in home matches x 25 = 1,125 litres of free beer. Naturally we are going to add another 25 litres for every goal our Red Bulls score this coming Saturday, 21 May at 17:00 v Austria Klagenfurt. The beer will be handed out at our title party in front of Schloss Klessheim at the designated stands.


That's not all, as we have thought of another end-of-season offer for you, which gives you the chance to win a crate of Stiegl champions' beer. Just take a look underneath your seat at the Red Bull Arena. If you find a Stiegl beermat there, you are a winner! The crate can be collected at the Stiegl carriage by the entrance to Schloss Klessheim or from the Bullshop any time in the following week until Saturday 28 May.

Please note: no cheating and looking under other seats! We mean it! The beermats are designated to the winning seats, and you will have to show your match ticket to claim the prize. Play fair - thanks to the beer barometer, nobody will be going thirsty, after all.