Win/Lose challenge: Kjaergaard the man to beat in training

Gerhard Struber to buy winner a holiday

To help ensure that our boys always go to the limit in training, our coach Gerhard Struber has begun a special initiative - the so-called Win/Lose Challenge.

We keep on putting various games into practice in training during the week and then announce a win/lose challenge. There is always a winning and a losing team at the end. If you lose five times in a row, then you have to bring breakfast in for everyone in the team. Anyone with five wins in a row will get an official honour. 

Gerhard Struber

Our first champion is confirmed: Maurits Kjaergaard managed to finish on the winning team five times in a row and is the deserved winner of the first award.

Our analysts are keeping a list with all the wins and losses, with the players always able to check the latest scores. There are no draws, only wins or losses.


At the end of the season one overall winner will emerge who will take a great prize from our head coach in person:

I will pay for a holiday for whoever has the most wins!

Gerhard Struber