New LED floodlights to make Red Bull Arena shine

Premiere on Friday

We have made the most of the summer break, changing our complete floodlight system within the space of just four weeks. The result is the Red Bull Arena is now meeting the very highest UEFA lighting criteria UEFA Elite Level A. This has advantages in terms of the entire stadium experience. The old system took a relatively long time to reach its brightest level. The new LED technology  – which requires around one-third less energy - can be turned on or off and dimmed at the touch of a button. In order to have the best possible set-up in our home matches, we are also planning to add effect lights in the near future.

Floodlight debut

You can see the new system in action at our floodlit match v FK Austria Vienna - our opening match of the season this Friday, 22 July 2022 at 20:30 CET. Tickets are available still at both the Online Ticket Shop and the Ticketing & Service Center.


192 New LED high performance spotlights
7 industrial climbers used
20,000 metres of new cable
4.000 screws
20 skilled staff in action