"Now it's all about: party, party, party!“

Views after our final home match

After our 3-2 win against SK Austria Klagenfurt, the party can get well and truly started. Our boys were suitably thrilled to hoist the league title plate into the air. A few of them gave their views after the game too.

Views on the title party in final home match

It is still something really special, and it should always be! What this club has achieved over the years has been phenomenal - especially this season. We had fierce rivals in Sturm Graz. It was a deserved title win and an incredible feeling - now we have to go and celebrate!

Matthias Jaissle

Alex Walke can shut up shop after the title party. I've played for the whole year, and it's my first title. It's just a great feeling - incredible!

Amar Dedic

I am incredibly happy and so proud to be a part of this team. I am looking forward to the title party now. Now it's all about: party, party, party! We can't drink too much though, as we still have another match to play.

Junior Adamu

I had a few thoughts before the match, but during the game they went away again. It was really tough when the boys were all standing here. It was rather emotional and not so easy at all. For the boys to have come back from 0-2 to win too – perfect.

Alexander Walke