How Pokergandalf conjured up a prediction game win

3,500 prediction fans, 106 groups and lots of winners!

The 2022/23 season is over and with it the My RBS Prediction Game season too. Over 3,500 registered players had the chance week by week to forecast the results of our ADMIRAL Bundesliga campaign, UEFA Champions League group as well as our games in the UEFA Europa League play-off. No matter if they took part in their own specific groups – where they could do battle with co-workers, pub regulars or family members - or in the overall ranking: the battle for the top spots was fierce! The winners of each matchday could look forward to fantastic prizes. Backpacks, towels, balls and much more were given to the highest scorers.

106 groups

Xekcep was third in the overall rankings and was the proud winner of a signed home shirt, while matro77 took second spot and with it two VIP tickets for an ADMIRAL Bundesliga match in 2023/24. There was no getting past Pokergandalf, however. The prediction pro finished top of the pile with a whopping 305 points and is the deserved recipient of two season tickets for the next campaign. Congratulations to the winners!

206 games to predict

The prediction game will start again next season. There will therefore be a chance every week to show off your prediction skills and win great prizes!