Ticket resales for Chelsea home match

Sell tickets legally and easily

Our next big home match in the UEFA Champions League is just a week away, as Chelsea are to visit the Red Bull Arena on Tuesday 25 October at 18:45 CET. Tickets for the match are completely sold out.

There remains a chance to get tickets though!

Anyone still interested in making it to the stadium can use the official ticket exchange in our online Ticket Shop. This also gives you the opportunity to sell your seats easily.

We would like to point out that the sale of tickets on online platforms for excessive prices or to fans of the away team is forbidden under our T&Cs

Information on resale sellers

You can make your ticket available for sale online in our ticket shop. Register with your access details and select 'my account'. You can make your ticket available there (excluding business tickets). If the ticket has not yet been purchased, you can deactivate the sale. The ticket will remain valid in this scenario.

A step-by-step guide to selling tickets on the platform can be found here:

ticket sale instructions

Information on resale buyers

All season-ticket holders and those who have bought tickets in the current season (as of 01.10.2022) can purchase tickets via the resale.

Resale tickets are marked as such in the online Ticket Shop. There is a 15% service fee levied in addition to usual match ticket prices for these tickets.
The purchased tickets will be saved as a digital ticket in the Ticket Shop under 'My area'

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