Dijon Kameri is your Player of the Month for August 2022

Kameri, Kjaergaard, Fernando and Solet make short list

Months cannot get any better than August was for us. We picked up five wins in five matches and a 15-1 goal difference over the month. Close to 6,900 votes were cast in favour of the rising star from our academy, putting him ahead of Fernando with 4,250 votes. Kameri has continued to deliver in September but suffered an injury against Rapid Vienna on Sunday.

An overview of the result:

Dijon Kameri (57.62 %)

Admittedly Dijon didn't appear too much in August, but when he did, he was outstanding. As 'one of our own', the youngster had three goal involvements: a delightful assist against Lustenau, first goal for our club in the same match and Goal of the Year contender in the cup. The 18-year-old made his first Austrian Bundesliga appearance against Klagenfurt and secured his spot on our academy debut wall at the Red Bull Arena in the process.


Fernando (35.63 %)

The new signing has played his way into the fans' hearts with some incredible football from day one - and he has built on the great first impression with more strong performances in August. The Brazilian has extended his goal tally to three goals and two assists. With his determination, intelligence and clinical touch - the summer signing is an ideal striker.

Maurits Kjaergaard (3.61 %)

A man for all occasions! Maurits was one of our regulars in August and started every match in the Austrian Bundesliga. The Dane was not in the squad of the cup match against Gurten, giving him a well-earned break. He has mostly been picked as a number eight but can be found all over the pitch. The 19-year-old contributed an assist against Klagenfurt and scored a wonderful opening goal in Lustenau.


Oumar Solet (3.14 %)

As we conceded just one goal this month, a defender had to be on the short list. Oumar got the nod when it could probably have been any of his defensive colleagues. The Frenchman started all five matches and was an anchor of calm in our defence. The 22-year-old can not only defuse danger and pass forward, he also provides magic moments going forward, such as against Lustenau. He weaved past his Green and White opponents and assisted Nicolas Capaldo with a wonderful cross from the outside of his boot.




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