Fan journey for Bullidikidz club members to LASK

Accompany us to Linz!

On Sunday 14 May, our boys have an away day in Linz in the ADMIRAL Bundesliga against LASK. To help Nici Seiwald & Co get the support they need away from the Red Bull Arena too in this decisive phase of the season, we are offering a bus journey for our young fans in the Bullidikidz Club

{"titleEn":"LASK vs. FC Red Bull Salzburg – ADMIRAL Bundesliga","description":"LINZ, AUSTRIA: Fans of FC Red Bull Salzburg supporting their team during the ADMIRAL Bundesliga game between LASK and FC Red Bull Salzburg on March 13, 2023, at Raiffeisen Arena in Linz, Austria. (Photo by FC Red Bull Salzburg)","tags":null,"focusX":0.0,"focusY":0.0}

Following the Bullidikidz Club on tour motto you can travel with your friends on the bus to the away match in Linz, watch the game from the stands and cheer on our Red Bulls. You can also take part in your own fan choreography, which we are to present during the match. Straight after full-time, we will take the bus back to the Red Bull Arena, where you can meet your parents again.

You should set aside the time between 10:45 until around 18:30 for the trip to the brand new Raiffeisen Arena and back. As true away fans, we will make the trip whatever the weather! We don't have places for parents in the bus, unfortunately, as it is just for the Bullidikidz Club. 

The fee for the bus journey to Linz and back, match ticket and childcare is € 24– per child. As a Bullidikidz Club member aged nine or over you can register with the below form, and all further info will follow by email. Spaces in the bus are strictly limited, so act fast!

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