We wish all kids a good return to school!

Bullidikidz school timetable template can be downloaded

School is starting again in the Salzburg area, and we are crossing our fingers for a good start to the year for all Bullidikidz Club members – we hope you get stuck in at the classroom just like you do on the pitch! We asked Alexander Schlager, Lucas Gourna-Douath and Luka Sucic for you what they liked best about their school, and what tips they have.


Remember that learning is like training - one small step every day towards success. I always looked forward to geography and sport. Stay curious and do your best!

Alexander Schlager

Hard work and dedication pay off - both in the classroom and on the pitch. Do you know what I enjoyed in school? Sports classes with my friends. Getting active keeps your mind fresh. So learn well, have fun and keep moving!

Lucas Gourna-Douath

I always enjoyed seeing my friends in school. Learning and having fun together is just the best - along with playing football at break time too. I wish you all the best for the new school year!

Luka Sucic

The classroom is just like football - you need to have your training schedule ready! To help you plan accordingly, you can print our Bullidikidz schedule template as a PDF here and print out at home.

lesson schedule template

All those entering first class in the Salzburg area can receive free rucksacks at Raiffeisenbanken branches, which include FC Red Bull Salzburg gym bags among the gifts (as long as supplies last).