The latest video treats: marksmen, animal lovers, a question of tact

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Our Red Bulls just keep on making you marvel, celebrate, laugh and much more. On our FC Red Bull Salzburg Shorts channel we keep you well stocked at all times with exciting moments from our boys. Let's take a look at what has been served up over the past few weeks.

Junior Adamu's strong performances earned him a coveted FIFA Team of the Week card – and he was promptly congratulated by our stadium cat, no less:

Everyone has been getting into the Christmas spirit in Taxham in recent weeks. The right music is all a part of that, but German Christmas carols are not always that easy, as Oumar Solet and Lucas Gourna-Douath found out with their rendition of Ihr Kinderlein kommet:

Without a doubt, Philipp Köhn has been one of the star performers of the UEFA Champions League group stage this autumn. He pulled off one world-class save after another at home to Chelsea and had no chance of preventing the two goals we did concede.

It isn't just in Europe that our Red Bulls have delivered incredible moments, as they have provided regular treats in the ADMIRAL Bundesliga too – for instance with Benji Sesko's winner in our final match of 2022 in Klagenfurt:

There are times when you just can't help feeling a bit sentimental, of course. It is around a year ago when Noah Okafor fired us into the UEFA Champions League for the first ever time and provided a moment we will never forget:

On the subject of moments we will always remember. Our record fan support in Milan still gives us goosebumps. Close to 4,000 Red Bulls were there to ensure for an incredible atmosphere in the North Italian city. Incidentally - our fan journey offering for our UEFA Europa League match in Rome is now available with over 1000 spots already sold in the space of a few days - all the information can be found HERE.