"I did a decent high jump during the celebrations"

Exclusive double interview in Heimspiel Magazine

In a double interview, our sporting director Christoph Freund and head coach Matthias Jaissle have spoken about the keys to success, their celebratory outfits and moments they will never forget. Here are a few excerpts from the conversation, which will be published in full on Saturday in our Heimspiel Magazine at the Red Bull Arena and will be distributed free with the Salzburger Nachrichten.

How is it to win the double? Our coach had not expected to do it in his first season, and he was absolutely delighted to have pulled it off, saying:

When the league title was confirmed, it was a really special moment. Benjamin Sesko making it 3-0 in the cup final too. I reckon I did a pretty decent high jump in the celebrations for that.

Matthias Jaissle

The German is a man with a clear plan. Matthias knows exactly what he wants from his boys:

I want to see full metal football. The boys need to be active and brave.

Matthias Jaissle

Matthias’s clear ideas are the recipe for our success, according to Christoph:

The key was definitely that Matthias provided the team with a clear concept and set of instructions from the start. That is hugely important for young players, who are playing at this level for the first time.

Christoph Freund

Matthias has been particularly impressed with how performances have improved as the season has gone on with lots of goals at the end of our games. He is full of praise for his boys and the club management for this, saying:

The boys have a top attitude. That is no accident though, it is the result of fantastic squad planning from Christoph Freund and our general manager Stephan Reiter.

Matthias Jaissle

Matthias has learned from our recent celebrations. He summarises his plans for the title party on Saturday evening as follows:

I'll be relaxed and waiting to see what happens. The past few weeks showed though that a change of clothes is very useful - there may be a beer shower.

Matthias Jaissle

As we play the Football of Tomorrow, we are already planning our next successes, as Christoph says:

Matthias is quite simply doing a great job. Of course you hear in the industry that Matthias has made a good reputation for himself and is a coach people are keeping track of around Europe. I am looking forward to being able to build on our successes next season and winning more titles with Matthias.

Christoph Freund

Christoph and Matthias talk about the nights after the trophy wins, how a poor start to the 2021/22 season was averted and much more – in our end-of-season Heimspiel magazine on Saturday.