"I would love a beer now"

Views on the league title

We like nothing more than letting our performances speak for themselves. We definitely did that in our 5-0 win against FK Austria Vienna. Here are the views though after sealing our ninth league title in a row:


Matthias Jaissle

It's sheer emotion, an awesome feeling! The boys have got their reward for their insane effort over the entire year. Not everyone thought we were capable of that. It was a really fantastic performance again today, and the boys deserve real praise! We had huge motivation to seal it in style today in front of our own fans.


Nici Seiwald

It is something quite specular, of course, to be a regular part of this bunch. I am extremely pleased. It's a really awesome feeling to be on the pitch knowing that you are a champion, and the work has all paid off. We're going to hear Sweet Caroline four or five times today probably, and I'd love to drink a beer now.


Karim Adeyemi

We are just delighted, and we played superbly today. It is my third league title already, and they are always better and sweeter. It's just so much fun to win things with this team! We are going to have a proper celebration now, till the morning hopefully!


Brenden Aaronson

It's wonderful. Last year no fans were able to be there, but this time we had a full house - fantastic! We don't have beer showers in the US, it's different over here, of course. I tried to stay dry, but I wasn't quick enough. I might have a beer to drink! My family is over here, and to play in front of them, score and win the title is incredible!


Luka Sucic

The most important thing is that we can celebrate the title together with the fans. I'm delighted about that. We need to be 100% at it again for Wednesday against Sturm Graz. It will be a difficult match, which we want to win again.