FC Red Bull Salzburg comply with rules on integrity of competition

UEFA confirms compliance after detailed check of rules on integrity of competition

Integrity of the competition

UEFA undertook a thorough examination of the club's compliance with the rules on the integrity of the competition and confirmed to the club that they fulfil these rules, following significant changes to the club's structure. These changes were vital for FC Red Bull Salzburg to avoid having their right to enter future UEFA competitions called into question.

significant changes

As part of the disengagement process from Red Bull, which began in 2015, the long and successful partnership with the company was restructured in the last few months. A change was made to the club's constitution and to the composition of the board, while Red Bull is now acting only as a sponsor under its main sponsor agreement running until 2022. A new chairman of the board has also been elected in Harald Lürzer. A review is ongoing of FC Red Bull Salzburg's European image. There will be a presentation of new shirts for UEFA competitions next week on Thursday 29 June 2017 at a press conference during the club's training camp in Leogang.