Jesse Marsch officially presented

The most important views from today's press conference

Jesse Marsch faced the media and public in salzburg for the first time today during a press conference. our new coach gave all his answers in german, as this will remain the working language at our club.

overview of the most important views:

Christoph Freund:

There have already been intensive discussions with Jesse in recent days and weeks. He is really eager to learn, he is communicative and open. We talked a lot about topics like the set-up of the club, the players and staff, of course, as well as how things have gone in Salzburg in the past and what we want the future to look like. Everything has been really positive so far, but the proper work is only just beginning.

Jesse Marsch:

I don't have the intention of coming here and changing everything. In the last few years a lot of things have been done to a very high level in Salzburg. I therefore need to build on the good work that's been done in the past but also shape the new team in a way I think can be successful.

It is a great year for the club, and we need to represent the Austrian Bundesliga and Austrian football and also the fans as well as we possibly can. I can promise everyone that we will have a team that puts up a fight and goes all-in. We are going to see a team that shows passion, spirit, fearlessness and determination.