Sizing up FC Red Bull Salzburg

Traveling always produces stories. We won't annoy you with our anecdotes though, we'll keep it short. So short that we won't even use any full sentences. Instead allow our numbers to do the talking. The second edition of our dimensions series is dedicated to our away trip to Naples.

Away fans travelling: 900

Flights to Naples: 3

Buses to Naples: 3

Flight time to Naples: 1 hour 25 minutes

Driving time to Naples: 15 hours

Bus tolls for Salzburg-Naples and back: €219.80

Attendance: 32,862

Stadium capacity: 54,726

Unofficial attendances in Maradona's era: 100,000

Bald stadium announcers: Napoli 1-1 Salzburg

Running lanes between the stands and the pitch: 9

Rain during our three days in Naples: 61 l/m²

During the same time in Salzburg: 34 l/m²

Price of a Pizza Margherita in Naples: 5 €

Price of away ticket at Stadio San Paolo: 50 €

Caffeine content of an espresso: 212 mg

Caffeine content of a can of Red Bull: 80 mg

Usual serving of beer in Neapolitan restaurants: 0.75 l

Number of people who said Salisburgo eeeeeh Haalande to us: loads