Views from the press conference in Liverpool

Marsch, Kristensen, Klopp and Mane talk about the big match tomorrow!

FC Salzburg

Jesse Marsch on …
… the atmosphere at Anfield:

Anfield is a special stadium. We have the opportunity today to get used to the size of the place and its mythical nature. We'll get the atmosphere as well tomorrow. We will absorb all of it, but when we go out onto the pitch tomorrow, we can't let it impact us.

… his expectations of the match:

We are expecting a very difficult match. We have spoken a lot among ourselves of how strong Liverpool are. Fundamentally we won't change too much. We have a good basic concept. We have to play to our strengths, and we can't allow ourselves to be frightened, and then we can be dangerous.

Rasmus Kristensen on …
… the significance of the match:

This is definitely the biggest match of my career. A lot of my friends are Liverpool fans. They are pleased that I can play against their team. Generally there is huge interest in this match in Denmark and everywhere else I go.

… the task against the defending champions:

We definitely have respect for Liverpool. We know what we can do though. We need our A-Game if we want to take something here.


Liverpool FC

Jürgen Klopp on …
… the quality of the Salzburg team:

I have great respect for the team, especially after the 6-2 win over Genk. They are going to surprise a lot of people watching the match tomorrow, I'm sure of that. Erling Haaland in particular is a threat. He is young, hungry, fast and direct. He brings a lot of danger. Nonetheless it's our task to make sure Salzburg feel that they are here at Anfield.

… the Salzburg philosophy:

They are very good at developing young players. That started back with Ralf Rangnick. The set-up in Austria for developing youngsters is also ideal. I can remember the transfer of Naby Keita well. When he left, the next guys were ready to take his place. Within the club's philosophy, the way they play has changed though. Under Marco Rose they were more about possession and now it's about high pressing again.

Sadio Mane on …
… his assessment of Salzburg:

They are very dominant at the moment. That doesn't surprise me. In my two-and-a-half years in Salzburg, top-quality work was being done. We have to give them a lot of respect as they are top of our group. We therefore also expect a very difficult match.

… how he feels before facing his former club:

Of course I always cheer on the team, and I still have Austrian television at home. It's a special match for me. I still love the city and the club, and I look forward to meeting my former colleagues again. I will be even happier if we can win though.