Suspensions for Mohamed Camara and Sekou Koita

UEFA suspends both players for three months | TV interview with Stephan Reiter

UEFA's disciplinary commission made the following decision regarding the positive doping tests of Mohamed Camara and Sekou Koita:

Mohamed Camara and Sekou Koita are to be suspended for three months. This suspension is effective immediately and covers all club and international football activities. 

In its verdict, UEFA ruled that in this case there was no intentional violation of doping rules, but the rules stipulate that every player is personally responsible for ensuring that no banned substances enter their body, which occurred for Camara and Koita during international action for Mali.

PositivE result after playing for mali

Today's decision was based on a doping investigation conducted by UEFA on positive results the two players were informed about in the middle of December.

Mohamed Camara and Sekou Koita had been away for ten days on international duty for Mali before testing positive, and had received a medicine from a doctor to combat altitude sickness that contained a substance on the banned list. The doctor responsible was immediately suspended by the Mali football association.

Stephan Reiter on the doping verdict


Stephan Reiter, general manager of FC Red Bull Salzburg, says:

We are pleased that there is now clarity in this matter and we know the result. This is still a real blow for us, of course. While we were not at fault in the situation in any way at all, we are not unprepared, as we have geared our squad accordingly.