The week ahead

LASK visit on Sunday

Our win in Vienna made our great start to the champions round even better. The third big match in a row awaits at the end of this week. Here's how Jesse plans to prepare his boys for the clash against LASK:

  • Monday: After their heroics in Vienna yesterday, our boys are putting their feet up today. Jesse has treated them to a day off.

  • Tuesday: It'll be the same on Tuesday. That is par for the course, however, as Tuesday is typically rest day at our Taxham training centre. That doesn't stop a few of our boys heading to the gym there to pump some iron. Albert Vallci, for instance, will be taking his first small steps in his recovery training. You can read up HERE how his injury comeback is going.

  • Wednesday: There will be a Covid test in the morning before our boys are put through a pair of sessions. They will train at 10:00 and 15:00 CET in Taxham.

  • Thursday: There will be a training session in the morning.

  • Friday: The players will be back in action in Taxham at 10:00 CET. After that, Jesse Marsch and a player will attend a press conference, which you can follow from 13:00 CET live on our App, on our website and on Facebook.

  • Saturday: From 12:30 CET there will be an obligatory Covid test in Taxham. After lunch, our boys will have their final training session. Then it will be a choice of the ice bath or couch as they rest their legs so that they are ready to go on Sunday.

  • Sunday: It'll be an earlier start for us this week as we face our next stern test at home at 14:30 CET. LASK are eight points behind us currently in third.

All training sessions are held behind closed doors. The match on Sunday can be watched on Sky in Austria and regularly updates will be posted on our English club Twitter channel.