One of the 16 best teams in Europe | Youth League Story 2023/24

Episode 3: In the return match against Real Sociedad, we manage an away win thanks to a goal from Valentin Sulzbacher and a fantastic free-kick from Zeteny Jano. After a 4:2 win against Benfica (goals from Adam Daghim, Philip Verhounig and Valentin Sulzbacher), our lads finish the group stage at the top of the table! Whether it's Onur Cinel's dressing room speeches, the winter training camp in Valencia or the celebrations over winning the group on the bus journey home - we have been there every step of the way with the "Class of 2024"! Experience the stars of tomorrow around Adam Daghim, John Mellberg, Oliver Lukic and Co. up close and get exciting insights into the exceptional talents we can look forward to in the near future. _______________________ Chapter: 0:00 Intro 0:06 Before the fifth game 3:08 Game 5: Real Sociedad vs. FC Salzburg 7:07 Before the last group stage game 9:52 Game 6: FC Salzburg vs. Benfica 13:16 Preview of episode 4 _______________________ Subscribe now to FC Red Bull Salzburg on YouTube! 📱 FOLLOW US FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TIKTOK: TWITTER: 🎟️ GET YOUR TICKET: